About Anna Ellington (Pharrah13)


My real name of course is not Pharrah, but Anna. I chose to use Pharrah13 because of my deep 'past life' connections I feel towards Egypt. The '13' because unlike most people, I believe 13 to be a lucky number. I also tend to 'go against the grain' and not follow the masses nor do I believe in fear being the driving force behind life and the choices I make.

I am a Scorpio for all those that have an interest in astrology....I can see some of you running for the hills and others going "COOL"...and from what I have read on Scorpios both reactions are probably equally apt!

I am a single mom with a beautiful 18 year old son! I have my share of problems as a mother and as a person just like everyone else, but I do feel I have my life fairly balanced all things considered.

I have had the 'gift' for as far back as I can recall really. I did not understand it of course as a child. I thought it was perfectly normal to see dead people and angels and fairies and all sorts of 'cool things'. I can't say that I had any mentors in my family that I am aware of...i.e.: I am NOT a 3rd or 4th generation psychic, empathic, clairvoyant, whatever. I don't recall any of my family displaying my... ummmm...ODDNESS...while growing up. In fact quite the opposite. I felt very alien and out of place from about the age of 6 and into my mid 20's. I lived in an area where people were NOT very open to anything that was not taught in the bible. I learned at the age of 8 or so that it was best to keep my 'talents' for blabbing about somebody's deepest thoughts and what they were going to do next to myself. That was when I was told by my pastor that I might be 'possessed by the devil'...I guess the only 'prophesying' he wanted to hear about was from Ezekiel and the rest of those great men...I think you can get the picture.

I started to seek out alternative Spiritual knowledge at about the age of 16 with a lot of hesitancy and LOTS of fear, but I was beginning to feel deep within myself that maybe what I could do was NOT 'devils work' and something to be afraid of. I felt if I could just understand it all, maybe I would not have so much guilt and fear about possibly 'burning in hell'!!...and that seeking of knowledge has not stopped since. My book shelves are literally exploding with all sorts of "NEW AGE" books on every subject imaginable...and?..."look ma, no more guilt!!"..

As the years went by, I held many great jobs, some not so great, attended University, and even thought I wanted to be a pharmacist when I finally grew up, which took until my LATE 20's!!!...Throughout that time, my first love remained helping people and doing 'readings' for them. I did my first real reading when I was 21 with a deck of tarot cards and a book that I bought. From that day forward I did readings for anybody that would even give me half a chance. I don't know why I felt the need to use cards to 'read'. When I was just 'psychic', people thought I was a freak (among many less printable names). It was sort of acceptable to use some form of tool to do a reading, but if you sat there and stared at someone and told them all about their life, they got REAL uncomfortable! Not to mention the fact that I was STILL wrestling with all the dogma that dogged me from my early years!

I finally gave up my last "job" almost 7 years ago to finally pursue my dream of owning my own business and combining it with what I love to do....readings!! I opened up my own metaphysical shop called Mystical Journeys where I sold all types of crystals, books, tools for Spiritual seekers as well as attended to daily readings for clients. I went on to have my own column in a local newspaper, radio once a week, ran workshops for government departments as well as the private sector on how to bring 'Spirit into the workplace', attended psychic fairs, and had my own weekly cable TV show much like Miss Cleo...( Thank the Lord, I was long before her, or I would NEVER have had the opportunity to get on a TV in the demographics I served....they were a 'hard sell' as it was!! ) Unlike her, I had to be real and be GOOD because my viewing audience was local and only about 300,000 and they all knew where my store was!!

I did this for almost 5 years and finally felt that I had had enough of that for awhile. It became too overwhelming and draining for me. For the life of me, I don't know how people like Sylvia Brown do it and I give them all the credit in the world. I actually took a year's hiatus after selling my shop and did not do one single reading, I was so burnt out!!!!... and now here I am!

I still have many of my clients from those years and continue to meet new and wonderful people every day. I LOVE what I do and there is not a day goes by that I don't thank God and the Powers that Be for allowing me to try and help others in some small way.

My life has been far from perfect and I have no shame in admitting this. I have had my fair share of career, money, relationship, parenting problems like anyone else. My blessing is the opportunity and desire to use the knowledge I gained from my experiences and try to help others in some way. I would not change too many things in my life right now...well hmmm...except for the relationship department!!!....I still don't think I have found my soul mate of soul mates but then again maybe I have?...( You see? I CAN relate to your stories and life )..

Well that is a LITTLE bit abut me...I tried real hard to keep it brief and not too boring. I hope I succeeded!